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so you want to be a team leader? [Nov. 18th, 2007|04:52 am]
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alright, well its kind of simple really.

team leaders are chosen very democratically, whomever posts in the sign up post for each challenge and indicates they'd like to be a team leader will be given the spot on first come, first gets basis due to the fact that number of teams will be decided prior to picking the leaders for those respective teams. so 36 members sign up, 3 teams, first 3 members that indicated they'd like to be leaders will get the job.

but before you sign up please understand your roles as the team leaders.
the leaders should be members who are willing to be open and honest about themselves and their weight loss journey. they should be motivated and dedicated to their individual weight loss only so that they in turn can be motivated to their team members and dedicated to the team's success.

other than purely motivation, you will be required to post a mandatory team check-up every friday for your team.

the post will consist of:
1) a topic of the mod's choosing - this could range from asking them a question about their weekly goals or seeing what they had for breakfast.

and 2) a topic of your choosing - this could deal with anything you want to talk about or share with them i.e. struggles, challenges, successes, questions, concerns, etc. so basically anything you can think of really.

only the post on friday is mandatory if you see fit post more than once a week to help keep your team motivated that is great and even encouraged actually, the more participation the better the results should be.

though team leaders will be decided upon a purely voluntary basis, their participation is mandatory. if more than one post is missed at anytime of the challenge (that includes all weigh-ins, challenges, and posting your teams check up), that member will be relinquished of their leader roles and the leader spot will be open for another member to sign up for.

if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions feel free to leave them here.

love your mod,

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[User Picture]From: catchafalling
2007-11-20 11:38 pm (UTC)
well by democratic i mean simple, time saving, and perfectly fair.
though i am open to suggestions.
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