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Dieting Support: Weight Loss Challenge

it's a group effort to get healthy

Dieting Support: Weight Loss Challenges
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A group for members of dietingsupport who participate in community weight loss challenges.

so basically this community is purely to motivate and encourage healthy weight loss through some friendly competition. key word there is friendly; no amount of rude or inappropriate behavior will be tolerated, it just isn't conducive to losing weight. and your personal weight loss goals should only be helped by this community not hindered. so whether you would like to lose a significant amount or those last 10-15 pounds this community is the right place for you.

the only other important thing to say is that this community will not allow any pro-ED or unhealthy weight loss ideology to be posted on. again this is for healthy weight loss and participants are not allowed access if their journal shows any signs of this behavior. their are a million other communities to join if you want to go that route but this is not one of them.

for more information search the tags or contact a mod for further questions.

challenge #1: winter warm-up
winter warm-up
sign up by: 12am PST tuesday november 20th 2007
start date: sunday november 25th
end date: sunday february 10th

challenge #2: spring awakening
spring awakening
sign up by: midnight PST monday february 18th
start date: sunday february 24th
end date: sunday april 13th
duration: six weeks.