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the rules of engagement - Dieting Support: Weight Loss Challenge [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Dieting Support: Weight Loss Challenges

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the rules of engagement [Nov. 18th, 2007|05:11 am]
Dieting Support: Weight Loss Challenges


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if you would like to engage in any part of the challenges you must follow these rules.

rules for participation:
1. must be a member of dietingsupport.
2. must not be a member of/watch any group with eating disorder related interests.
example: pro-ana, anorexia, bulimia, etc.
anti-eating disorder interests are acceptable. this is a community that will only foster the ideas of healthy weight loss through exercise, healthy eating habits, and a little competition. any members who believe they have special circumstances to this rule can email a mod.

mod note: this rule should not be taken as way to exclude any one but is really the only way to determine who should be included for these challenges. eating disorders are a touchy subject for most dieters i believe, and as some one who has dealt with the them i will not encourage, promote, or foster in any way those habits in a community based on weight loss competitions. it just wouldn't be right.

if you've got those two rules under control, you are pretty much good to go.

another note on membership and participation to the community is that we will only be taking new members the week prior to any challenge start date and membership and participation will only be allowed to those who comment on the challenge post by the date and time established.

so i hope you sign up and are ready for anything we happen to through your way.
it should be fun.

if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please comment them here.

love your mod,

[User Picture]From: coastal_tilt
2008-02-14 04:52 am (UTC)
Hi there, I'm really interested in doing this challenge, but I missed the first time around so I'm not really sure how it works. Is there an older post that describes all the details of the challenge. I'd really love to do this :)
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